Debra A. Wilde is a designer and painter based in Portland, OR.

     Exploring the spectrum of color in painting is a meditation on wholeness, compassion and potentiality. Her paintings are contemplative inquiries into the spiritual and psychological archetypes of color.

     Debra has a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and is an accredited Color Consultant through the International Association of Color Consultants & Designers(IACC).

Appearances  &  displays

     With the expansion of Glow Boutique Salon, my paintings will be on exhibition from April 1 to June 30, 2017. ( Located at 736 NW 11th avenue in the Pearl in Portland ) June 6th, we will be celebrating the First Thursday at the salon. 

     Paintings from my landscape series are on display at the Green Furniture Store  ( located at 625 SW 10th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97205,  across from Target downtown ).



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1650 NW 13th Ave #224 , Portland , OR 97209